Travel Insurance Services

Travel insurance is often ignored by most travelers. As an expert tip, however, travel insurance should be a great addition. The trip will be a memory. Travel insurance plans protect your trip as well as your health while you travel. If you lose your connection at an unknown location or have other unexpected emergencies while traveling, our travel insurance will protect you from financial liability in an emergency and allows you to recover your travel investment if your trip needs to be canceled or shortened for any reason. It is important to trust a 24-hour expert to handle unexpected events before the flight (cancellations, flight errors, health issues, lost luggage, etc.). All of our travel insurances are designed to provide insurance and basic assistance in dealing with unforeseen circumstances.


Travel worry-free with our Travel Insurance

Do you like volunteer escapes across borders? Then our Annual Travel Insurance for short stays is exactly what you need! Whether it is a 4-day or 8-day trip, our insurance covers emergency medical care for all stays, regardless of destination. In addition, the automatic update setting always guarantees coverage. Whether you are going to an all-inclusive hotel for a week or a special occasion for a few days anywhere in the world, our annual all-inclusive offer fully covers flight cancellations. In case of emergency, our support team is happy to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wherever you are, just contact us by phone. That is why our travel insurance is recognized worldwide.

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